Bath Quays sponsor one of Minerva’s Owls

Minerva's Owls of Bath 2018 is a major public art sculpture trail featuring a giant flock of 85 individually decorated, super-sized owl sculptures displayed across Bath and the surrounding region from 25 June–10 September 2018. 

The high profile, interactive sculpture trail will celebrate the Roman heritage of Bath and mark the 10th anniversary of the highly successful King Bladud’s Pigs sculpture trail.  All profits from the auction event will be donated to local charities which include Bath and North East Somerset Young Carers and the new Cancer Centre at the Royal United Hospital.

The Bath Quays DigitOwl, will be located at the top of Bath Quays Waterside park steps, on the bank of the River Avon near Avon Street carpark.  It has been created by local artist John Gould and is a fusion of a beautiful bird with robotic/artificial intelligence elements.  The owl aims to highlight that Bath is not only beautiful, it is a centre of innovation especially for technology and digital industries which will be attracted to the new workspace at Bath Quays. 

To make the owl more exciting and interactive, visitors to DigitOwl will be able to scan a QR code or enter a web link into their mobile browser and be transported to the future in Virtual Reality.  They will be able to see a fictional illustration of how the space could be used in a 360 degree panorama with two versions to experience; one during the day and one at night, each of which will be visible at different times of the day.  Since the owl will be situated in Bath Quays Waterside park near the cycle track, it is important to ensure it is visible at night, so reflective strips and solar lights have been incorporated into the design. 

John Gould said “I wanted the sculpture to not just be a piece of art but to perhaps look like it could be a movie prop, something fun  that would appeal to children”.  Bath Quays is intended to be a space for all to enjoy and the addition of one of Minerva’s Owls will reinforce this waterside location as an area for play and entertainment. 

Sponsoring an owl builds upon existing brand awareness initiatives and will put Bath Quays on the map.  Many residents and visitors have already been enjoying the wildflowers and riverbank at Bath Quays and with thousands expected to view the owls over the next few months, it will further highlight the transformation of the riverside by the Council.

The Owls of Bath trail maps will be available from outlets across Bath from 25th June when the trail starts.  The Map page of the website will go live the weekend before the event.

The free Owls of Bath interactive app will be available from Monday 25th June, with links available via the website and there will be QR codes to download the Owls of Bath app on every Owl's plinth.

DigitOwl in Bath Quays Waterside park

DigitOwl in Bath Quays Waterside park