SETsquared entrepreneurs honoured

SETsquared Bath was celebrating this week as 12 entrepreneurs from Bath were announced as being among the top 50 SETsquared entrepreneurs nationally.

Located in Broad Quay and part of the wider Bath Quays site, the SETsquared  innovation centre is a long-standing partnership between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey which specialises in growing high-tech start-ups through its incubation programme and other business acceleration services. 

In a celebration event at the House of Commons the following entrepreneurs were honoured:

·         Glenn Smith and Sebastian Toke-Nichols from Cloudfind

·         Paul Kane from CommunityDNS

·         Nicola Chilman and Tom Minor from EZ Education

·         Peter Davies from Green Running

·         Dan Murray from Industrial Phycology

·         Jake Ronay from Living Map

·         Alister Rollins from MoveGB

·         Sampson Hu from Smart Antenna Technologies

·         Will Franks and Pete Keevill from Ubiquisys

·         Nick East from Zynstra

In addition, two Bath entrepreneurs were listed as ‘Ones to Watch’: James Courtney from Lux, and Tom Dewhurst from Ordoo.

SETsquared supports high growth tech companies that have significant economic impact, having collectively raised over £1bn of investment and created over 9,000 jobs.

The companies have reached milestone achievements, including raising significant investment, exporting products globally, creating thousands of jobs or achieving a world first.

Michael Queen, an investor on the panel, said: “Creating a successful business requires talented entrepreneurs and a great idea but this isn’t enough. SETsquared acts as a catalyst providing support, logistics, training and mentoring to turn dreams into reality.

“Over the last 15 years, SETsquared has made a major contribution to building a dynamic technology based business sector in the UK.”

The reception at the House of Commons was an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements along with MPs and special guests, as well as sharing stories on how they have successfully raised investment, exported products globally or had a major impact on their industry.

Ali Hadavizadeh, Deputy Head of Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Bath Innovation Centre in Bath Quays, said: “Tech entrepreneurs and high-growth companies are vital to the future of the UK economy. Bath has always had a vibrant and thriving culture of innovation but without the right support these companies will not grow into global leaders. SETsquared has played a key role in supporting tech companies in the south of England, helping put Bath on the global innovation map.”