Trees for the quays

Alongside the river bank on North Quays, the first of the new trees have arrived and are settled in waiting for the spring.  The trees replace the 23 specimens which were removed in order for the floodworks to be put in place.

A total of 150 new trees will be planted (across both sides of the river) and many of them are semi-mature to mature specimens, the largest ones are 8 metres tall and the landscaping team mentioned that they are the tallest they have ever planted.

The operation to bring them from a specialist nursery in Hampshire was meticulously planned and involved cranes, pulleys and carefully crafted harnesses.

The trees have been carefully chosen to include a range of native species found elsewhere along the river corridor in Bath.  In particular, more fruiting species will attract birds and insects and improve the wildlife habitat in the new park.

When you are passing, look out for white willow, field maple, alder, sycamore, silver birch, tulip tree and lime.   

The park landscaping is now taking shape and it is possible to see where the steps will be as well as some of the contouring along the bank.  The park is expected to be complete by the autumn apart from the area where the bridge will land which will have to be completed once the bridge platform is in place.